Early Years Pupil Premium

EARLY YEARS PUPIL PREMIUM 2020/2021 Financial Year

The Nursery School received £3100.50 for 28 children in July 2020.  As we are a Nursery School our EYPP funding is lagged.  We have received this after the block for the children who were eligible and this also came after Schools were officially closed to most children due to COVID-19.  

However, during lockdown, we produced packs of learning activities with appropriate resources, to ensure that children could still learn at home.  These were also differentiated so that any children who had additional needs, had appropriate learning opportunities and Nursery leavers also had differentiated packs to support their transition to Primary School.  

We ensured that all of our children who were eligible for EYPP received these packs and if parents were unable to come to Nursery to collect them, then staff members took them to the family home. 

During lockdown we also purchased Living Eggs at a cost of £245 and caterpillars at a cost of £11.24. The children were able to learn about the life cycles of these either at home from videos which were live streamed or at nursery if they were still attending.  Learning packs for both of these were also given out to children. 


Cost of learning packs 

  • Cost per copy charge for each photocopy - Total cost £711.46 from (1st February 2020 - 31st August 2020)
  • Laminating pouches - Total cost £124.60 (1st February 2020 - 31st August 2020)
  • Paper costs - Total cost £215.10 (1st February 2020 - 31st August 2020)
  • Other costs for resources such as playdough, arts and crafts, SEND specific resources such as books, bubbles, visual timetables etc - Total £154 (March 2020 - 31st August 2020)
  • Total cost - £1201.16

EYPP FSM Vouchers 

Due to Covid-19, we were also able to provide 14 eligible families (taken from December 2019 allocation and entitlement) with £90 Tesco food vouchers for use over the summer holiday's to ensure that these children could receive food over that long period of time.  This was provided by the DfE as part of the Covid-19 response. 



It is difficult to ascertain the attainment impact that these measures had on attainment.  However, we set up an email address for parents to send in pictures of what the children had been learning at home this proved very popular.  We also received some wonderful comments back from parents about the learning packs.  Here are some quotes! 

"Your dedication, care and love towards the children is exceptional, not to talk of your support and phone calls even during this pandemic, you haven't stopped checking on us."


"We are loving the learning packs you have been providing us with, as you can see from the photos, so thank you very much for them."


"We opened our craft pack which D loved!  Thank you very much.  Here is the play dough monster and practicing her name!"


"R had fun making the bee from the mini-beast activity pack!"


"Today we are doing arts and crafts using the play dough that you kindly dropped off to us, thank you for our pack."