Our Children


Nursery School provides a very special foundation for the rest of a young child's education.


Our children develop their confidence and self-esteem, acquire and practise a range of important skills, gain independence and become motivated and ready to learn. This happens through continuous opportunities for high quality play, first-hand experience, exploration and discovery.

Here is just one example of learning through a carefully planned experience:

When children are taught how to mix their own paint they develop the skills of independence and autonomy. They discover how many scoopfuls of powder paint and water are needed to successfully achieve a consistency that will paint well. They start to use vocabulary such as ''dissolve, more and enough''. They observe and talk about colour changes, in a way that is meaningful to them. The best way to learn about colours is to create them yourself!


Staff compile a special record of each child's unique learning journey which is always available to share. It carefully explains learning and progress and special achievements through a combination of written observations, photographs and children's comments.



 "Thank you for everything.  You have a wonderful Nursery and we are so pleased that our children were part of it.  They both have some lovely memories, lovely friendships and a good starting point for their futures.  Keep up the good work!"

Parent comment