Assessment and tracking learning

During their time at Knowles Nursery School, each child's learning is documented in a range of different ways.  The purpose of our assessment strategies is to ensure that all staff are aware of each child's strengths, interests and barriers to learning so that planning and provision can be adapted to support all children to achieve the best start on their education journey.  We have high aspirations for all of our children and through effective relationships, staff get to know each child individually.  


Assessment Strategies

Our assessment procedures are efficient and provide staff with the information they need to support learning whilst ensuring that staff are engaged in supporting children in the Nursery setting with their learning. 

Each child has their own learning journey where significant moments of learning and development are recorded and these are given to the family at the end of their time at the Nursery School.  Our assessment strategies are explained here.

We also use floor books as a record of children's learning, experiences, thoughts and thinking and our children relish in re looking at these memory hops and using language to describe what they learnt and how they were involved in the learning. Further details on how we use these are explained here.


Our Long Term Goals for all children

In response to the revised expectations for assessment in the revised Early Years Foundation Stage (2021), we have developed our long term goals for our children which set out our expectations for where children should reach at different milestones.  These link directly to our curriculum, the early learning goals and our provision. 

Long term Goals for 2-3 years

Long term Goals for 3-4 years

Long term Goals for children with significant barriers to learning


Two Year Progress Check

Children who are with us between the ages of 2-3 years old will also receive a Two Year Progress Check and the child's key person will meet with the parents to discuss the areas where their child is confident and any barriers to learning which have been identified.  An example of this can be found here.

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