Mission Statement and Ethos

Our Mission Statement and Ethos has been carefully crafted and developed by a range of key stakeholders such as staff, parents and governors.  We feel that it truly reflects what we feel are the fundamental values and aims which we strive to achieve for every child whilst they attend Knowles Nursery School.  


Our Core Purpose/Mission

To be a centre of excellence creating a high-quality learning community that respects, nurtures and challenges each and every individual, providing them with the building blocks needed to be successful in life.

To be a true advocate for the youngest children at the very start of their education journey.


Our Core Values

  • Integrity – living our values, being consistent in our approach, being truthful and reliable.
  • Honesty - being open and honest with children, parents, colleagues and other agencies we work with.
  • Inclusiveness – everyone belongs, regardless of background, ethnicity, learning need, disability or starting point.
  • Equitable – a fair approach to individual needs. Everyone might not get the same offer but they will get what they need to succeed.


Our Vision

Knowles Nursery School is a specialist Early Years School where children are allowed to be and are valued for being themselves; a place without worry or obstacles in the way of their learning and development. We provide engaging opportunities that open up their world, allow them to feel safe, to take risks, and regardless of whether they succeed or fail, every experience is a learning experience.

Our learning community is motivated, they laugh a lot and love working in a team, sharing their ideas and achievements. Some of us may need some additional support, which is no problem, we are always there to help and support. Knowles Nursery School is an inclusive learning community where no one is left behind, where everyone is supported to fulfil their potential regardless of their starting points, where they are inspired to use their imagination and confidence to follow their dreams and reach the highest of their potential. Individual preferred learning styles are encouraged and developed, shaping an individual's uniqueness.

Our children become effective communicators, developing meaningful relationships, self-regulation, resourcefulness and resilience. Our children display high levels of well-being, joy and are supported appropriately for their age and stage of development.

We recognise children get one chance at each stage of their learning journey and we pride ourselves in valuing each stage by creating a safe, happy, equitable learning environment where every individual thrives and succeeds. We instil the early building blocks they need for the next steps of their learning journeys and ultimately lifelong skills to become global citizens of the future.


Our Future Aims and Vision

We are striving to become a hub of learning and support for our children, families and community, an integrated centre for children and families with Saplings Children's Centre.

We aim to become a centre of excellence, where we share our expertise, passion and love, for shaping young children's uniqueness, learning and preparation for their future contributions to the world, with other Early Years settings and schools. Where we work collaboratively with external agencies, immediate and wider community to challenge and lead the vision for high-quality Early Years Education.